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FBA Service

FBA Pre-carriage

Our company has many years of rich experience in international logistics and service network, to provide you with from China to the United States, Europe, the Amazon warehouse pre-carriage services. Full track, aging stability, covering a wide area.

Professional operation of the service team can be customized according to customer demand personalized logistics solutions, air, sea, express, line and other logistics options for customers. FCL, LCL by customer to follow up, no mixing box,
Ensure accuracy. Our Trailer line also mature cooperation, provide delivery services of the highest cost performance.

FBA Clearance

As one of the world's leading one-stop import and export service platform, we have a sound network of overseas customs clearance and professional operation of DDU/DDP services to help the Amazon FBA seller to deal with customs clearance.

FBA value-added service

A. print Amazon label: in accordance with the requirements of the Amazon FBA bar code print each product corresponding label.
B. Paste the label: in accordance with the requirements of the Amazon FBA storage, each product is affixed to the corresponding bar code.
C. Sorting box: according to the type and quantity of the Amazon FBA storage products, sorting and packing box.
D. detection: FBA product detection.
E.7*24 hours of service to follow up, from the order to the Amazon warehouse has a professional customer service tracking, Let customers feel at ease, rest assured, peace of mind.