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Shipping enterprises to adjust the port congestion charges
Latest news, the recent major shipping giants have adjusted port congestion fees and congestion surcharge. According to the information collection, although the recent pick-up in volume is slow, there are still shipping companies loaded ship. Specific adjustment information is as follows:
Hamburg Sud  announced that since March 15, 2017, from the Spanish port exports to Europe and the Baltic region of Haiti port congestion charges levied PCS (Port Congestion Surcharge), as follows:
EUR 100/20 '
EUR 150/40 '
CMA CGM announced that since March 31, 2017 (the date of arrival), all Asian goods to Pakistan (Dry, OOG and Reefer) on Karachi port congestion fee is PCS, as follows:
USD 150/20'
USD 300/40'
Hapag-Lloyd  announced that since April 11, 2017, by the United States and Canada to Kuwait port congestion surcharge levied SHUWAIKH CGD (Congestion Surcharge), as follows:
USD 300 per TEU